My Mission
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My Mission is a powerful award-winning app that empowers people to build interactive missionary displays without writing code.

My Mission

  • utilizes a drag-drop-and-configure interface.
  • allows you to build apps fast.
  • can be deployed on-premises or consumed as a service.
  • works with Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies.
  • has several low, flexible pricing models.

Find out how My Mission is enabling digital innovation for thousands of LDS missionary families around the world.


Easy Preservation of Mission Memories
At the airport, when my daughter returned from her mission, I handed her a book with all her letters and pictures. It was organized with a table of contents, showing the page numbers in each area she served.

MyMission gives a free website to each missionary, which is much better than a blog. It automatically captures all the letters and pictures just by sending a “cc” (copy) of each email to the missionaries special email at It couldn’t be easier.

It enhances missionary work. It can post letters to Facebook. We are so blessed to have our missionary letters digitized and easy to search and access from our phones. It makes it easy to share faith promoting stories and show recent pictures.

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