Sacrament Meeting Program

The "Sacrament Meeting Program" app provides users a quick, easy way to create their sacrament meeting programs. Then it gives them the option to (1) print traditional paper programs, or (2) give members access to a digital version of the program on their phones.

Wards/branches can use this app to create and print traditional paper programs, or they can go 100% paperless saving literally thousands of trees.

This app offers many advantages over the old traditional paper programs, these include:

o Automatically formats and creates weekly sacrament meeting programs.

o Create both traditional paper programs and digital programs (visible in the app).

o Ward and auxiliary leaders can collaborate to add/manage the agenda items, calendar events and announcements in next week's program.

o Last minute program changes go live instantly in the digital program.

o Hymns and music deep link to the "Sacred Music" mobile app.

o Missionaries deep link to the "Called to Serve" mobile app.

o Pictures of recent stake/ward activities can be uploaded by auxiliary leaders for members to view and download from the app.